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Evidence-led learning at the heart of modern education development. And, whilst the value of fully fledged, funded research projects is clear and embraced, we also believe in ‘the little guys’ – the informal, evidence-led trials, pilots and case-studies that inform day-to-day teaching and learning, financial management, procurement, web development and more. So, we invite and encourage colleagues to share by:

  • Completing & sharing short surveys
  • Visiting & contributing to Forums
  • Submitting evidence-led case studies
  • Share video & audio podcasts
  • Signposting funding sources
  • Floating ideas for research

Featured Reports

1 Global Learner Survey
2 The Forgotten Third (ASCL)
3 The Great Recovery (CSJ)
4 Ofsted Remote Learning Research
Global Learner Survey

Global Learner Survey (Pearson)

"We are in the midst of a moment in which we can rewrite the future of education to make it more accessible and equitable. We don’t know what the future holds. But, what is clear, is that all of us – employers, educators, parents and students – have a role to play in helping the world adapt and thrive in a post-pandemic world." John Fallon, CEO, Pearson

This fascinating survey was conducted on behalf of Pearson from June 8–14, 2020 by The Harris Poll, a global market research firm based in New York City with over 50 years of history in polling. It was completed by 7,038 people aged between 16–70 years old across the globe.

Take a look at the beautifully presented report to find out more...

Read the Report
Global Learner Survey (Pearson)
The Forgotten Third (ASCL)

The Forgotten Third (ASCL)

"They are ‘forgotten’ not only in the sense that they are never the ones pictured jumping for joy in local newspapers, but because their chances of progression are diminished in further study, future careers, and, ultimately, in life."

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) launched an independent Commission of Inquiry in October 2018 to look into how to improve the prospects of what we have called ‘the forgotten third.’

Forward by Geoff Barton, General Secretary, ASCL

Click here to read the report

The Forgotten Third (ASCL)
The Great Recovery (CSJ)

The Great Recovery: A post Covid-19 deal for Britain

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) was established as an independent think-tank in 2004 to put social justice at the heart of British politics and make policy recommendations to tackle the root causes of poverty.

This paper is structured in three parts to reflect that reality and to recognise that the recovery from this crisis must be based on those pillars that underpin all great recoveries.

The Great Recovery: A post Covid-19 deal for Britain
Ofsted Remote Learning Research

Ofsted Remote Learning Research

Ofsted's summary of findings on remote learning from several strands of research activity that we carried out in 2020.

Ofsted Remote Learning Research
1 International
2 SASH Surveys
3 Local Evidence-led

International evidence-led improvement from the UK and around the world

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International evidence-led improvement from the UK and around the world
SASH Surveys

Latest SASH Survey: Improving Sensory Experiences in Video Learning Environments

This survey is open to students, parents, teachers, carers and leaders - and we aim to reach as many respondents as possible, so please do share! You can choose to stay anonymous - or enter your details if you wish to receive a follow up email of the results.

Complete the survey
Latest SASH Survey: Improving Sensory Experiences in Video Learning Environments
Local Evidence-led

Evidence-led improvement led by local people

Here we aim to curate and showcase links, surveys and case studies that are relevant to local Suffolk leaders. These may be conducted by Teaching Schools, Local Authority, Charities or Independent bodies. 

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Evidence-led improvement led by local people

Research Focused Posts & Articles

Understanding Public Attitudes to the Early Years

The science of early years development is measured against perceptions and understanding of parents and society. Led by the Royal Foundation (The Duke and Duchess …

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Absolutely! Please feel free to to submit into one of the relevant forum groups and we’ll go from there. You can also contact us through the form on this page, or using the main contact form found in the site menu.

Yes please! We’re more than happy to publicise your questionnaire or survey. Submit directly into into a Forum and we’ll send it out as part of our ongoing communications. Please remember things like closing dates, identifiers and – ideally the rationale behind the survey as this will increase engagement and signpost the purpose.

We actively curate research and evidence-led practice that best supports the priorities of the local community. We invite schools, colleges, universities and Trusts to submit – and we also keep our ears to the ground for other rich sources of information. For example, the fantastic Global Learner Survey by Pearson is an example of partner research that has a much deeper and broader reach. Equally, you’ll find smaller projects that we’ve linked out to on school or Trust websites – or – where people have submitted themselves directly into the Forums.