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How the site works

A simple guide to how the HeadsTogether collaboration platform

On the surface, the SASH website is a simple presence on the web. Underneath, it's a powerful system for developing a collaborative networking community. The HeadsTogether platform organised into three levels.

Top level
This is home to the main HeadsTogether Group (a kind of parking space for all members). Connect your profile with colleagues and access general updates, news and discussion.

Second level
Join Themed Groups alongside other professionals to access a range of features (e.g. Documents, Forums, Pictures, timeline etc.). These groups can only be accessed by members.

Third level
Inside the Groups are Forums, Pictures, Documents, Timeline and more. It's at this level where people can dive in and out of more specific discussions, pose questions for the community to answer - or download and upload documents.

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A simple guide to how the HeadsTogether collaboration platform

Sharing wheels not reinventing them

Documents are shared in good faith by members who believe in sharing for mutual support. As a member you can:

  • Download and upload documents such as posters, policies, letter templates etc.
  • Launch requests for documents to the SASH community
  • Get notified of new additions
  • Access documents added from various other places and organisations
Sharing wheels not reinventing them

Groups are where Forums, Documents and Messages are shared

Most of the groups are created by SASH Admin based on consultation and requests - and members can join any group. Features of groups include:

  • Easy access to shared documents under specific topics
  • Groups are topic-led, so documents, forums, pictures stay relevant
  • A clean interface that's easy to navigate
Groups are where Forums, Documents and Messages are shared
Join the community

Register free to gain access to:

Currently, we are accepting membership requests from headteachers or equivalent. In the future, membership will be open to other leaders within your organisation, and partners such as associations and businesses that can bring value to the community.

  • Free events 
  • HeadSupport
  • HeadsTogether
  • Documents
  • Groups and Forums
  • 'Stronger Together' - the SASH Newsletter
  1. Create a profile, with a unique username and password, or register using Google
  2. Choose to make your profile private, public or share with other members.
  3. Check the boxes in your profile to identify areas of focus, interest or strength
Register free to gain access to:

Two Powerful New opportunities

One to one Support for Education leaders

Mutual Sharing of Resources, Ideas and Insight

The SASH Online Digital Ecosystem

in a Nutshell


Networking Zone

The home of HeadsTogether and HeadSupport, this area has the feel or modern social media app – with the clarity and professional integrity needed to support focused professional networking and sharing.


Events Zone

Bringing together our own SASH events, as well as other events curated to support local needs. This is the home for connecting headteachers through video and face-to-face events.


News Zone

Cutting edge, intelligent aggregation systems filter and present  the most up-to-date articles, breaking stories and forums – from renowned publications to niche education forums.


Services Zone

Hand-selected, referred and reviewed services – especially chosen by – and for SASH members. 


Research Zone

Bringing evidence led practice and research together in one place.


Partner Zone

Support materials and documents provided by and for SASH members.

Stronger Together

The Power Of Professional Networking in the words of serving headteachers

We are delighted to welcome Andy Robinson and Vanessa Whitcombe as Executive Committee members. Here, along with Nigel Burgoyne (Executive Director) they share their thoughts on how local networking and an outward-facing approach is a strong pillar of their professional practice.

Having worked previously in Essex and London, Andy understands what it’s like to be new to an area, and to have found mutually supportive relationships with other local heads that have helped the school, the Trust as well as his own development.

Vanessa reflects on how peer-to-peer support and sharing outside the Trust has been an important bedrock for development and impact on as many young people as possible, and how we’re likely to see some changing trends in the future.

Meet The Executive Team

Vanessa Whitcombe

Executive Committee

Vanessa Whitcombe

Headteacher, Castle Manor Academy

Nigel Burgoyne

Chief Executive

Nigel Burgoyne

Former Headteacher & CEO

Dave Lee-Allan


Dave Lee-Allan

Headteacher, Stowmarket High School

Andy Robinson

Executive Committee

Andy Robinson

Headteacher Stoke High School

Digital Development & Administration

'making complex things simple'

We understand the challenges of time and technology, and how out-of-date systems and mindset can create barriers to collaboration. That’s why we’re developing a powerful new ecosystem of video and social communication tools – to make complex collaborations simple!

Alison Bramall

Chief Admin

Chief Administrator

Many headteachers will already know Alison from her sturdy development of previous SASH projects and campaigns. Alison's experience and understanding of local culture contributes to her skills and continued mission to support school leaders in Suffolk

Rob Walden

Digital in Education Strategy

Director, Real World Education

A former Suffolk teacher and Assistant Headteacher for 20 years, Rob now combines education experience with digital strategy to support organisations with web systems, events and improving sensory experiences in video learning environments
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Stronger together

Join in our mission to enable the power of mutual support

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