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Welcome to SASH Online

The Education Organisation Led by School Leaders

What is SASH?

Focused on Suffolk school leaders, SASH is a membership organisation that nurtures mutual sharing, support and a consultation and advocacy

What is SASH Online?

SASH Online is a cutting edge digital environment that enables leaders to network, share, meet and more...

Your Strategic Voice

Led by the views of its members, SASH helps to ensure Suffolk has a collective 'seat at the table'- influencing decision-making at strategic levels

Your Voice

The SASH Online web platform gives busy heads from across the network equal opportunity to feed into consultations and discussions

Who is SASH for?

SASH is for leaders who value local, peer-to-peer relations that are blended with an outward-facing philosophy - beyond the county boundaries

Future Membership

Membership is currently FREE - with a separate but linked membership for Associates (senior colleagues) and Partners (companies & organisations)

Autumn Conference 2021

Try the Search Inside Video Feature (add keywords in the search box at the top right of video). You can also slide along the timeline or click through the ‘Title’ to see a clickable list of Chapters and more Search features.

The power of Peer-to-Peer Digital Networking

Collective energy - mutual support - solidarity - sharing

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