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How the Online Network Community is structured

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How the Online Network Community is structured
About SASH

Vision, leadership and voice

We want to impact positively on as many young people as possible.

Put simply, SASH is a networking hub led by school leaders who share a common mission to develop a culture of sharing ideas, resources, friendship and support.

We are committed to supporting all leaders

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Vision, leadership and voice
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Where we're headed...

We want to impact positively on as many children and young people as possible…
Put simply, SASH is a networking hub led by school leaders who share a common mission to develop a culture of sharing ideas, resources, friendship and support.

We are committed to supporting all leaders…
The future of SASH is in its people. With more than 90 school and college leaders across the county, and many more partners within and beyond our borders, the scope to grow as a movement is tremendous.

We aim to make Suffolk the most desirable county in which to lead…
Although SASH is a Suffolk-based organisation, we encourage an outward-facing approach – connecting leaders from outside the county, including international and independent schools and colleges to enrich opportunities to share and grow meaningful networks and communities…

We share and signpost the best in quality development…
One of the roles of SASH is to signpost resources, CPD and courses led by other organisations. We work in partnership with a range of unions, companies, associations and charities – to help build connections that bring about genuine impact on our next generation. 

Nigel Burgoyne: nigelburgoyne@sashonline.org
Dave Lee-Allan: D.Lee-Allan@stowhigh.com
Alison Bramall (Administration): alisonbramall@sashonline.org

For queries about the website (technical issues, questions or problems), please contact admin@rweducation.org

Executive Team

Dave Lee-Allan, Chair

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Dave Lee-Allan

About Dave

Dave is Headteacher at Stowmarket High School and voluntary Chair of the Suffolk Assocation of Secondary Headteachers (SASH).

Dave Lee-Allan: D.Lee-Allan@stowhigh.com

Your voice

We will be your voice

As Chair of SASH, I will continue to consult and be your committed voice for Suffolk Headteachers - at a time when strengthening our position in the eyes of government and partners is so important to sustainable development in Suffolk education. 

By drawing together our collective knowledge and expertise, and ensuring we are outwardly showcasing and celebrating our practice, we can show we are a team of leaders who really mean business in providing the best possible opportunities for our communities.


What SASH means to leadership

We in Suffolk are developing a reputation as a county that gives more than it gets - but one that wants to work hand-in-glove with the government and partners to show we are worth further investment to innovate.

My belief is that if we mutually support each other's wellbeing and resourcing we can continue to create the best possible opportunities for our next generation of school-leavers.

Dave Lee-Allan


Dave Lee-Allan

Headteacher, Stowmarket High School

Nigel Burgoyne, Chief Executive

Nigel Burgoyne

Executive Director

Nigel Burgoyne

Former Headteacher & CEO
1 Nigel Burgoyne
2 Vision
3 Removing Barriers
Nigel Burgoyne

About Nigel

Nigel Burgoyne is the former headteacher of Kesgrave High School and was CEO of the East Anglian Schools Trust (EAST) through its formation and early development.

Nigel's plans for SASH are rooted in consultation with as many headteachers as possible from around Suffolk, developing a vision for the current and future context.

"At a time when relationships and mutual support is so important, SASH is stepping up, listening to colleagues and putting solutions in place to remove barriers and empower leadership"

- Nigel Burgoyne, Executive Director



What is the core vision for SASH?

Working with existing partners, our core vision is threefold:

First: to nurture relationships between leaders that brings about a growth in sharing ideas, resources, concerns and support.

Second: to be a key voice for leaders of Suffolk, to represent the views and provide pathways for Suffolk voices to be heard.

Third: to develop a truly blended approach to collaboration, communication and learning through face-to-face and digital communications.

 - Nigel Burgoyne, Executive Director


Removing Barriers

Barriers to collaboration unlocked

"There's a reason why those coffee breaks at conferences are often hailed as some of the most important experiences of the day. It's those gems you pick up from chatting to a colleague, or sounding someone out about that 'handle with care' situation. We know that this is often best done without a formal framework and as such, can be priceless and difficult to replicate.

Sometimes you just need someone quickly to connect with for a chat, to share a resource or see something through someone else's eyes.

So, a key aim of SASH Online is to kindle a culture informal interactions that can lead to powerful outcomes and partnerships."

 - Nigel Burgoyne, Executive Director

Executive Committee

Vanessa Whitcombe

Headteacher, Castle Manor Academy

Andy Robinson

Headteacher, Stoke High School

Stronger Together

The Power Of Professional Networking in the words of headteachers

We are delighted to welcome Andy Robinson and Vanessa Whitcombe as our volunteer Executive Committee members. In this video, along with Nigel Burgoyne (Chief Executive) they share their thoughts on how local networking and an outward-facing approach is a strong pillar of their professional practice, and how they anticipate SASH becoming a key factor in developing networks.

Having worked previously in Essex and London, Andy understands what it’s like to be new to Suffolk, and how finding mutually supportive colleagues have helped the school, the Trust as well as his own development.

Vanessa reflects on how peer-to-peer networking outside the Trust is an important factor in impacting on as many young people as possible, and how we’re likely to see some changing trends around networking in the future.

Peer Support and Broader Leadership