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What makes HeadSupport Unique?

1 What is HeadSupport?
2 Fully confidential
3 Zero Paperwork
4 No Payment
5 Signposting
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What is HeadSupport?

Demystifying mutual support

HeadSupport is a collective of educational leaders offering free help, support and friendship to those of us whom may need it. It's not a formal or medical intervention, and it's not full of mumbo jumbo.

HeadSupport is as much an approach as it is a 'system'. A simple way to move peer-to-peer active listening, mentoring and coaching from an idea to part of a culture of mutual support.

...without judgement, agenda or bias.

Demystifying mutual support
Fully confidential

Confidentiality at the core

To make everyone feel secure and protected, colleagues interact with HeadSupport in an ethos and operational protocol of strict confidentiality - within the boundaries of safeguarding and legality that leaders will be used to at this level.​

There are no forms to fill or profiles to keep. It's just leaders talking to leaders - whatever the issue might be.

Confidentiality at the core
Zero Paperwork

Move along...

"Nothing to see here" goes the expression - and in this case, it's true. HeadSupport isn't a legal, counselling or medical service that requires detailed notes to be taken. Anything recorded is strictly confidential and is done with full transparency between colleagues - within the boundaries of professionalism education leaders are familiar with.

Move along...
No Payment

It's not about the money...

There is no payment, no hourly rates, and no 'value-based quoting'. There is no obligation to finish a chat, a course, a session or an exam. No one expects you to prove results, and there's no expectation to 'achieve' anything!

Refreshing? Well, we believe there's still a place for informal peer networking and mentoring - for intrinsic reasons that often can't, and don't need to be measured or paid for.

It's not about the money...

Light touch signposting

Although our HeadSupport mentors are highly experienced leaders in their own right, one of their skills is to find or suggest support from other avenues. So, whilst the ethos is that of a professional conversation between two colleagues, the scope is much broader to signpost other services, people or courses should you want and need.​

Light touch signposting

Experienced leaders with an empathetic ear

The truth is that sometimes you don't want or need to go through a heavy-duty formal process just to 'offload' or chat to a critical friend - with no pressure or expectation.

HeadSupport mentors are experienced heads who've lived the role themselves and now have something to give back.  So, you'll always find an empathetic, understanding ear.

Experienced leaders with an empathetic ear

HeadSupport Facilitators

Jeremy Rowe and Nigel Burgoyne are highly experienced headteachers with an empathetic and pragmatic philosophy. The first point of call is a chat with either Nigel or Jeremy. From there, you can carry on chatting regularly or sporadically – or it may be that Jeremy or Nigel introduces you to another colleague who may match your needs.

Nigel Burgoyne

Former Headteacher at Kesgrave High School and CEO of EAST (East Anglian Schools Trust)

“Sometimes headteachers can carve a lonely furrow, and having someone to talk to with experience of similar situations can sometimes help to see the wood from the trees”

Jeremy Rowe

CEO, Waveney Valley Academy Trust and Former Head at Alde Valley Academy. Appointed South Norfolk District Councillor 2019

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