National RSE Day 2021

The Schools Engagement Coordinator has been promoting National RSE Day 2021 for some time now to raise awareness that this is coming on Thursday 24th June 2021. This event was born in Nottinghamshire and every year they host this event nationally, but any school can join in with this wherever they are in the country.

For 2021, Suffolk are currently in 3rd place nationally in terms of the number of schools signing up. It would be fantastic if even more Suffolk schools could get involved with this nationally effort to promote and recognise Relationships and Sex Education where possible and take the opportunity to really focus on RSE on the 24th June.

The website schools will need for all things related to this is but school servers to may not let you access this due to the word sex coming up in the content. There are the same issues with SCC servers, but this can either be overcome by using personal devices to register and receive information or speaking to your IT departments about allowing access to this site if there is time for them to unblock this in readiness for the date. 

The Schools Engagement Coordinator would strongly encourage schools to sign-up for this, it means schools will get all the updates directly and will not need to be reliant on Jane seeing them in good time and sending them on to schools (things are particularly busy at the moment and she would not want anyone to miss out because she has not seen and forwarded anything in enough time).

The livestream schedule is on the website and schools are welcome to dip in and out throughout the day as suits their needs, but the day does start with an assembly 0910-0930.

The livestream will be shown via the Nottingham City Council YouTube site on the day and is open for anyone to watch. Nottingham City Council are asking schools to let them know what they are doing so they can give them a ‘shout-out’ on the stream (this is for any schools anywhere in the country). Here is that link in readiness for the day:

The Schools Engagement Coordinator has sent some ideas for RSE Day to those in the RSHE/PSHE Network and this includes ideas that can be shared with parents/carers.

If you do decide to sign-up, the Schools Engagement Coordinator would ask that schools kindly send her a brief email to say you have done so, as she is trying to collate information on the uptake and involvement across Suffolk. Jane Stannard can be contacted at

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