neaco/UOS project: University, is it for me? Through the Voices of Black, Asian and Eastern European Young People

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I hope you are well and looking forward to the well-deserved rest and relaxation of post TAGs, post isolations and post mitigations. 

I appreciate that the final two weeks of term is not an ideal time to circulate a student survey, but I felt this topic within Suffolk is one that needs to have a strong student and parent perspective. The NEACO project is looking to see what barriers exist to access University for under-represented groups within Suffolk. 

Could you please circulate this survey within your schools to enable them to have the right knowledge to remove these barriers?

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Craig D’Cunha, Executive Principal

NEACO and the University of Suffolk project: University, is it for me? Through the Voices of Black, Asian and Eastern European Young People

We are undertaking a piece of research alongside neaco to explore young people’s perspectives of higher education. We are particularly interested in understanding the perspectives of young people from Black, Asian, and Eastern European communities as research suggests these young people may face additional barriers to accessing some forms Higher Education.  

We are interested in particular ethnic groups, such as Asian (Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Mixed Asian), Black (Black Caribbean, Black African and Mixed Black) and Eastern European communities, as local and national statistics suggest there are differences in access for these groups to education.  

We want to do this to make the changes we need to make at an individual, university and wider structural level including improving the services we have, as well as developing new initiatives. We also want to understand the barriers, facilitators and socio-cultural factors influencing perceptions of higher education to inform the wider sector. 

Our aims are: 

· To understand Black, Asian and Eastern European young people’s (aged 13-18) perceptions of Higher Education. 

· To identify any perceived barriers and/or facilitators to accessing Higher Education 

· To make recommendations for widening participation initiatives, to make them more applicable, relevant, and inclusive to young people from Black, Asian and Eastern European communities. 

What does the research entail?

Participation in the study will involve young people (aged 13-18) taking part in an online focus group with two researchers, Katie and Lanai. The interview will last a maximum of 60 minutes, during which the young person will be asked a few questions about their perceptions of their future and thoughts about higher education. With parental and the young person’s permission, the interviews will be recorded. The primary researcher will be the only individual to have access to the recordings, and once transcribed these will be deleted.  

All responses will be treated confidentially, and data will be destroyed once the study is finished. Each young person who participates will receive a £20 Amazon e-voucher. 

How can I help?

We ask, if possible, that you consider whether this would be of interest to the children and young people who you work with and would share the opportunity with them. For young people under the age of 16, we would like to have parental or guardian consent where possible.  

We have developed online consent forms for both parents and young people, you can access these below: 


Young people

Please contact Katie: if you would like some additional information or to discuss the research project further. 😊

Katie Tyrrell (she/her)
Research Associate
University of Suffolk BSc, MSc, PhD Student (MBPsS)

Email: Twitter: @katietyrrell99/@UOS_Research Chat with me on Teams
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