Update – COVID Rising

Public Health shared at  our weekly Sector Leads meeting that Covid cases are rises particularly rapidly in Suffolk secondary schools- now at 1600 per 100,000- well above the national average. Suffolk PH is considering stronger measures- such as raising the pressure for siblings to stay away from school for a short period where there is a confirmed household case (can only be advisory at present)- more details to follow, and stronger messaging to support mask wearing in schools where appropriate.

The vaccination team had not been able to attend one secondary school as planned due to the staff shortages in the vaccination team- and we passed on concerns over the allocation of single days even for large secondary schools.  The senior representative from Public Health (PH) asked for any issues to be shared with PH so that they can be escalated. Concerns / issues should be sent to the C19 e mail box at CYPC19@suffolk.gov.uk

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